Awareness Ribbon Colors and their Causes

Awareness Ribbon Colors and their Causes

The use of awareness ribbons started in 1979, when the wife of a hostage in the Iran Hostage Crisis tied yellow ribbons around trees to express her desire for her husband to come home. Since then, almost every cause has an associated ribbon to show support for their movement.


LJG Candles has several ribbon colors available for our candles and ornaments. We are constantly adding colors and color combinations to be sure that every cause is properly represented. Be sure to contact us if the color or cause you need isn’t listed and we will do our best to get it for you.

Awareness Colors and their Causes

  • Black

  • Black and Blue

    • Loss of Father, Son, Grandfather or any Male Loved One

  • Black and Pink

    • Loss of Mother, Daugther, Sister or any Female Loved One

  • Black and Red

  • Blue

  • Light Blue

    • Prostate Cancer

    • Trisomy

    • Chronic Illness

  • Periwinkle Blue

    • Stomach Cancer

    • Esophageal Cancer

    • Anorexia

    Blue and White

    • Teen Cancer

  • Burgundy

  • Gold

  • Gray

    • Brain Cancer

    • Brain Tumors

  • Green

    • Adrenal Cancer

    • Liver and Gallbladder Cancers

    • Bone Marrow Disease

    • Eye Cancer

    • Traumatic Brain Injury

    • And many, many more. See a comprehensive list here.

  • Lime Green

    • Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

    • Mental Health Awareness

  • Orange

    • Leukemia

    • Non-Meloma Skin Cancer

    • Tay-Sachs Disease

  • Pink

    • Breast Cancer

    • Women’s Health

  • Pink and Blue

    • Pregnancy and Infant Loss

    • Infant Diseases

  • Purple

  • Red

    • Addiction

    • HIV/AIDS

    • Blood Cancer

    • Heart Disease

    • Substance Abuse

    • And many, many others. See a comprehensive list here .

  • Teal

    • Ovarian Cancer

    • Cervical Cancer (Teal and White)

    • PTSD Awareness

    • Women Murdered by Domestic Violence

  • Teal and Purple

    • Suicide

  • White

    • Bone Cancer

  • Yellow

    • Osteosarcoma

    • Bone Marrow Cancer

    • Microcephaly

This is only a small list of the causes represented by each color ribbon. You can see a full list of colors and their causes here. I do my best to carry all ribbon colors and combinations to be sure your memorial candle represents your loved one.
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