Our Story

Hi, my name is Rachael, but I mostly go by Mom. I am “Mom” to three beautiful children on Earth, and one sweet angel boy in heaven. That little boy, Liam, is the heart and soul behind LJG Candles.

2014 was the year our life was forever changed. After losing our young son in a tragic accident, my husband and I could barely function. We were (and are still) blessed with very supportive friends and family who basically kept us going. They took care of us and our surviving son, made arrangements, and just listened when all we could do was cry.

My mom set up a beautiful welcome table in the entrance of our home in the days after Liam’s death. On it was his picture, some favorite toys, and a candle. I found great comfort in lighting the candle in the morning and looking at his picture, then saying goodnight as I blew the candle out. As a way to feel closer to him, I decided to start making the candles that I would burn in his honor. Then I thought that I would like to offer that same comfort to people who have lost a loved one. I added the pocket tokens and charms as keepsakes to hold onto long after the candle is gone.

Each piece in my shop is a part of my personal grief journey and handmade by me. The candles represent the light in the darkness of the original candle. The ornaments symbolize the signs from heaven I believe my son sends to me. The diffuser jewelry was designed when I was looking for natural alternatives to anxiety and depression medication as we were trying to conceive our rainbow baby. Leather bracelets were added at the request of my husband and his desire to have a piece of jewelry to wear in Liam’s memory. I am consistently designing and creating new pieces for all types of losses to honor every griever's memories.  

Wishing you light in the darkness,