How to Honor a Lost Loved One at your Wedding

How to Honor a Lost Loved One at your Wedding

A wedding is a time for celebrating with the ones we love. Eating, drinking, dancing, and basking in the love of a newlywed couple, you can't help but feel good. Sometimes, however, there are hints of sadness with the joy, especially when someone we love dearly has passed. There are still several ways to include your loved ones in your wedding day.

My cousin got married shortly after Liam died. Sadly, we were unable to attend due to the death of my mother-in-law the weekend before (just another tragedy among many in the months after the loss of our son), but the rest of my family was able to attend. My cousin and his wife had a touching, heartfelt tribute to my son and I am eternally grateful. Two years later, my sister and her long-time fiance also got married, and they chose to honor our lost loved ones with a beautiful sign and memorial candle. We even got a tuxedo for our Liam bear to be included in the family pictures.
Here are a few special ways to include your deceased loved one in your wedding day.

  • A Memorial Candle - The bride and groom can light the candle at the beginning of the ceremony. You can also include in your program "A special candle is lit in memory of _____". LJG Candles contain a pocket token or charm in the wax to have as a keepsake when the candle is gone and are perfect for your candle-lighting ceremony.

  • A Flower - Place a flower on a seat in the front row. It can be mentioned during the ceremony that the flower represents the loved one and their place in the wedding. A white rose is traditional, but you can choose any flower that you associate with your loved one.

  • A Memorial Table - Have a small table placed at the entrance to your ceremony with a photo and/or In Loving Memory sign. LJG Candles has a large selection of memorial tiles with included stands that can be displayed in your home once your wedding is over. This is a great way to include several missed loved ones at once too.

  • Butterfly Release - Butterflies are said to be a sign from heaven that a loved one is near. A butterfly release can be a beautiful remembrance tribute (temperatures must be above 65 degrees F). Butterfly Release Company has several different package options. The world can never have too many butterflies.

  • Moment of Silence - A simple, yet still profound, tribute is a moment of silence during the ceremony to acknowledge those who are missing. Be sure to mention it in your wedding program so everyone is prepared.

  • Program Mention - Another simple way to include your lost loved one is a paragraph or page in the program. You can talk about their relationship to bride or groom, any advice they gave you, or how you are including them in other ways throughout the ceremony.

Did you include your lost loved one in your wedding? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments.

Wishing you light in the darkness,

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